Cinelease Studios was created as a studio management division to cultivate a flexible, cost-conscious environment for production companies to develop content.

We offer our partners a custom studio experience by integrating Cinelease’s 45 years of industry experience and decades of unmatched customer service with our ability to source industry leading technology and trusted Herc equipment solutions.


Brooklyn, NY

Cinelease Studios, Brooklyn is built and designed to create a seamless and streamlined experience for your most creative television and film production projects.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, Cinelease Studios Brooklyn is a five min drive from the Brooklyn bridge, 5 blocks from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE), and 5 blocks from the Long Island Expressway (LIE).

Caven Point

Jersey City, NJ

Cinelease Studios, Caven Point is located within 30 miles of the high-demand area of Columbus Circle and the 8-mile SAG zone, easily accessible by taking the PATH train from Manhattan or the Liberty Landing Ferry directly to Liberty State Park. Minutes away from our Theodore Conrad support space, Caven Point’s location offers easy access to public transportation, including direct connection to the Jersey Turnpike.


Pittsburgh, PA

Located just north of downtown Pittsburgh, PA, a city once coined the “center of the film industry,” Cinelease Studios, Pittsburgh is busy with creative productions.

With more than 260,000 square feet of rentable space and accessibility to the luxuries of the city, our Pittsburgh studio provides an all-in-one solution for your filming needs.

Three Ring Studio

Covington, GA

Located in Covington just east of Atlanta – 50 developed acres, 160 total sprawling acres, Cinelease Studios – Three Ring is an all-in-one facility devoted to innovation and efficiency. Covington is known as “Georgia’s Backlot” for its wide variety of shooting locations. Forty-five minutes away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and one mile from Covington Municipal Airport, Cinelease Studios – Three Ring is easily accessible from anywhere.



Cinelease Studios – Conyers is situated east of Atlanta, within 30 miles of downtown, midtown, and Buckhead. Its prime location will make it attractive for both local and out-of-town productions thanks to its easy access to transportation, accommodations, and amenities.

Four stages, three mills, flex space, and office space give productions the space they need to build, shoot, and collaborate all in one place.


Decatur, GA

Twenty minutes east of Atlanta you’ll find the newest Cinelease studio location. This studio was designed with creators in mind. From move in ready amenities to exclusive access to Cinelease lighting and grip and Herc Entertainment Services’ heavy equipment, the studio offers a seamless and streamlined experience from start to finish.

This new studio is only 25 minutes from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, making it a great option for small to medium-sized productions that need to easily transport cast and crew.


Albuquerque, NM

Cinelease Studios has brought its decades of industry expertise and stellar reputation for providing an elevated filmmaking experience to one of Albuquerque’s most utilized studios. With more than half a million square feet to work with, Cinelease Studios is embarking on a studio transformation to provide New Mexico’s filmmakers with stages, offices, mill space, and more that live up to the Cinelease Studios’ standard.

LA North – The View

Valencia, CA

Conveniently located in Santa Clarita, just northwest of Los Angeles you’ll find LA North – The View. Home to more than 105,000 square feet of brand new F1 Certified sound stages offering the services of Cinelease, Inc. and equipment of Herc Entertainment Services, ready to meet the needs of any production. At The View, creators can enjoy a premier, cost-effective filmmaking experience outside the confines of the city.

LA North – The Vista

VAlencia, CA

Situated in Valencia, California is LA North – The Vista. Featuring two brand new, move-in ready stages located within the 30-mile studio zone, The Vista grants filmmakers access to LA’s extensive ranks of qualified crew members. With ample production office space and parking combined with the resources of Cinelease, Inc. and Herc Entertainment Services, productions have everything they need from start to finish conveniently accessible.

Fold & Hold – Atlanta


New, cost-effective fold and hold is now available in Forest Park! Conveniently located just 10 minutes off 285, Cinelease Studios is now offering both short and long term storage options with flexible, production-friendly lease terms. Custom sizing options and 24/7 access to the secure facility make it a hassle-free storage solution for any production.

Fold & Hold – New Jersey


New, flex, lockup, and office space is now available in Jersey City! Conveniently located less than 5 miles and 10 minutes from the Holland Tunnel, Cinelease Studios is now offering both short- and long-term flex, lockup, and office options with flexible, production-friendly lease terms. Custom sizing options and 24/7 access to the secure facility makes it a hassle-free storage solution for any production.

Film Mare Island

Vallejo, CA

Mare Island offers productions endless possibilities with a wide range of practical locations that can be used to create any environment a film maker could imagine. With the combination of large sound stages, production support space and an entire island consisting of residential, industrial, maritime, and recreational space open for productions use makes Mare Island a one stop shop for filming in California.


Cinelease Studios is a unique studio management team that was created as a natural extension of the respected Cinelease and Herc Entertainment names.

Combining a shared history of serving the film and entertainment industry for 45 years, Cinelease Studios has created a pathway to the most exclusive studio experience.


Since its creation in 1977, Cinelease Inc.’s intent has been to serve and deliver the best in quality lighting and grip equipment, power distribution, grip trucks, expendables, and sound stages to both small and large-scale productions.

Wherever the productions go – we will be there to greet them. Whatever the job, wherever the shoot, there’s one clear choice.