Beginning in 1977, Cinelease Inc. became the gold standard supplier of name brand grip and lighting equipment. Through time and high performance, Cinelease Inc. would establish their stand up reputation by providing premiere customer service, while simultaneously expanding their client base into 10 major cities across the US.

During this time, Herc Entertainment Services, a reputable acquaintance of the same sets, was supplying productions with the iconic matte black heavy equipment, power generation, and climate control. In 2012, Herc Entertainment Services partnered with Cinelease Inc, sparking the multi faceted operating model now proudly associated with the Cinelease name. With the installation of Cinelease Studios in 2019, the trio of complementary services was fully realized, and immediately began prospering on Cinelease Studios’ own campuses.

With operations garnered under parent company Herc Rentals, today’s cornerstone of behind-the-scenes solutions lives as a nurtured, educated, and constantly maturing operation, carving way and curing woes through the trenches of laboring tv and film productions.

Just as today’s pioneers of entertainment have trailblazed through the ever evolving world of digital storytelling, Cinelease Studios has set out in pursuit of uncharted path; in both acquiring physical terrain, and redesigning expectations of what can be done with it.

With lighting and grip, lifts, and staff leading with long careers of excellence, Cinelease Studios has set out to offer gold standard service-on-site, and sites fit to any scene on our coast-to-coast studio campuses of the boldest shapes and biggest sizes.

Full steam ahead, Cinelease seeks to further set in stone the industry standard our operating model has introduced to production’s studio service expectations. With these advancements comes expanding our team, our footprint, and our partners as we continue serving the unpredictable production climate, all while upkeeping the high standards of our service quality reputation.

The best way to allow a filmmaker to tell his or her story is to provide them the box and then get out of the way so they can do their job.

  • Gannon Murphy, General Manager, Cinelease Studios
  • Our Team

    Gannon Murphy

    General Manager

    Atlanta native and a resident of Los Angeles for approximately 20 years, Gannon began his career in entertainment in 1996 before working and living in Europe, Southeast Asia and California.  Graduating with Certificate in Business Studies and a Liberal Arts degree from University of California (Los Angeles), Gannon has been with Cinelease for 6 years.  In addition to his leadership role at the Entertainment Division of Herc Rentals and the Lighting & Grip Division of Cinelease, the Cinelease Studios brand and team have become his main focus with the intention of expanding the services offered to our clients and further integrating the businesses.   

    Gannon sits on the Executive Board of several trade associations designed to promote, clarify, and educate on film/television tax incentives (Georgia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey). Currently, Gannon is the Board Chair of the Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition and Board President of the Screen Alliance of New Jersey. Also, within the industry, Gannon joined the Leadership Team for the Safety for Sarah Film Foundation to enable funding for students that integrate industry safety practices as part of the filmmaking process. Outside of the industry, Gannon is on the Executive Leadership Team of the Atlanta Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and actively engages in fundraising and awareness at the annual Atlanta Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

    Jessa Grazioplene

    Director Of Studio Client

    Jessa started her path in studio management in 2010 overseeing a 30 Acre, state-of-the-art, purpose-built production campus where she built and developed the Studio Operations department until 2019. 

    Shortly thereafter, she relocated to Atlanta, GA to establish a new division of client facing studio management.

    Her passion for problem solving, logistics and her ability to analyze situations with an open-minded approach has helped her craft creative and innovative solutions that best support production clientele. With her dependability, honesty, dedication and enthusiasm, she proudly promotes perfecting client experience.

    Derek Elkins

    Director, National Studio
    Sales & Operations

    Derek Elkins brings over twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry to the Cinelease family, with a focus on operations, sales, and marketing. His experience spans all forms of media – including film, television, short-form, music, live entertainment, and broadcasting.

    Prior to joining Cinelease, Derek served as the Vice President of Studio Operations for Tyler Perry Studios. In that role he oversaw the development of the Studio’s 330-acre campus from a decommissioned army base to one of the largest production facilities in North America.

    Bill Sanford

    Manager, Division Operations

    Bill Sanford’s career has spanned over 25 years in operations management. He is especially adept at tailoring operations to create a superior customer experience for our clients.

    Bill analyzes each process with an eye towards constant improvement as well as advancing the organization’s mission. He has demonstrated success in developing and implementing policies and procedures that ensure safety, efficiency, and stellar results.

    Bill Waltman

    Project Development Manager

    Bill Waltman has been working in studio management for the past 20 years with expertise in facilities management. Most recently as Project Development Manager for Cinelease Studios.

    Bill brings over 30 years of hands on experience in general construction with an emphasis in electrical and HVAC integration as it pertains to production in the entertainment industry.

    Shane Sibert

    Manager of Studio Client Relations

    An East coast native hailing from Philadelphia, Shane has 10+ years on set. Before joining the Cinelease Studios Division Shane was the Best Boy Grip on some of the largest Productions within the Tri-State area including Creed, Creed II, Split, and Glass.

    With a background in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Drexel University, Shane primarily focuses on providing seamless operation for our clients on the ground.

    Daniel S. Basso

    Area Manager

    Dan is closing in on 20 years of experience in the motion picture and television industry. Having provided services in major US markets, including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, New Mexico and Louisiana, he has held GM, Executive Director and VP roles in both sales and operations, spanning grip and lighting rentals, manufacturing and studio services with Paskal Lighting, Paramount Pictures, and PRG.

    Recently returning to the New York City area, Dan is eager to continue to provide a positive client experience with the desire to expand Cinelease Studios market share.

    Cherie Park

    Business Development Manager

    A Los Angeles native, Cherie Park has been working within the Entertainment industry for over 20 years with deep rooted relationships in every facet of the business.  She is able to bring meaningful partnerships together to help build Cinelease Studio’s brand equity with a focus on long term opportunities.

    Cherie’s previous experience includes developing and marketing one of the largest stage facilities in North America, as well as launching a studio services division for a global licensing and distribution platform.