Film Mare Island Plays Host to Inclusion Films’ Short Film Camp

Aug 15, 2022Misc

Last week, Film Mare Island was the proud host of more than 30 of Inclusion Films’ Short Film Camp’s participants. Inclusion Films is a no-cost program designed to teach young adults 18-23 years with developmental disabilities the principles of filmmaking.

“Our campers were treated to something really special at Mare Island,” said Joey Travolta, founder of Inclusion Films. “They were given an informative tour of the studio along with expert demonstrations of both Cinelease’s gear and Herc Entertainment’s heavy equipment. Many of our campers end up going into the film business, and after this experience, I think many more will.”

The campers toured the studio and got to learn what a day on set is like both in front of and behind the camera. They will take what they learned at Film Mare Island with them as they go on to develop a script, act, and record their own short film as part of the two-week program. 

More than just an introduction to film, Inclusion Films’ camp helps its participants develop life and job skills, improve communication, grow their confidence, and gain independence.