North Bay, California film industry bounces back with production bookings, tax incentives

Within Solano County, film production companies may receive a 5% cash rebate on local spending for items, ranging from flowers and hardware to catering and dry cleaning on shoots that fall under the auspices of Film Mare Island. The nonprofit entity was created in 2016 to promote productions at the former U.S. Navy base in Vallejo.

The shoots on Mare Island use facilities managed by Cinelease, an industry supplier of equipment and leasing space that was formed in 1977 by its $2.3 billion parent company, Herc Rentals headquartered in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Through the efforts of Cinelease coordinating with Film Mare Island, the island has hosted many projects, from a “Venom” sequel to the “Nash Bridges” television show. The island touts a million square feet of outdoor space available for filming, along with 200,000 square feet of sound stages in cavernous warehouses on site.

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