Cinelease, Inc. is the leading independent rental company in the U.S, priding itself on providing excellent customer service and top-quality lighting and grip equipment, servicing thousands of feature films, television productions, commercials, music videos and pilots since its foundation in 1977. Cinelease’s success over the past 45 years is due in large part to our reputation of honesty and integrity, and exploration of new technological industry developments.

Herc Entertainment

Herc Entertainment services, an industry specific branch off of parent company Herc Rentals, is a premier, full-service equipment rental firm providing customers the equipment, services, and solutions they need to achieve optimal performance safely, efficiently, and effectively. HES offers customers aerial lifts, power operated air control, and other heavy machinery, amongst other hard to source film production equipment, all while evolving with the times through technological innovation and expanded product offerings. Herc Entertainment Services has garnered the reputation as production’s right hand, with same day maintenance and technician consulting to assist crew in proper machine operation.


Herc Rentals Inc. is excited to announce its acquisition of Dwight Crane Ltd. and its affiliate, LRX LLC. Dwight Crane is an Ontario, Canada-based full-service provider of equipment and lighting rentals with more than 40 years of serving the area’s film, event and commercial production community. The company’s rental fleet includes aerial lifts and vehicles, lighting and mounts, cranes, and lighting trucks. The acquisition allows Herc Rentals to expand its entertainment services across international borders. Dwight Crane’s expertise, innovation, and proven track record in Canada will be invaluable to the Herc Rentals brand. Existing and future clients will now have access to more industry-leading technology than ever before.


Founded in 2018, REBEL was built to provide superior customer service and quality marketing and media services. Today, REBEL continues to build upon their core values as a decentralized team of professionals dedicated to helping each of their clients grow and accelerate their business. Rebels team is spread throughout the U.S. to provide dedicated support to clients both remotely and onsite.

Earth Angel

Since 2013, Earth Angel has been working with productions across the globe to reduce the environmental impact of the entertainment industry. As a full-service sustainability agency, Earth Angel offers strategies, training, and services to utilize sustainable materials, increase energy efficiency, and reduce waste during every step of the production process.



Caven Point


Three Ring Studio